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How to flash official Fastboot ROM on Xiaomi device



Recently we have made a detailed tutorial to unlock the bootloader on a xiaomi device. Unlocking the bootloader is the first step to the world of custom ROMs, kernels, rooting, etc.
but before we are going to give a detailed guide to these we have to make sure you guys can return to the original stock ROM in case of any mistake (like bootloop). In any such case, flashing the official ROMs through the Fastboot method is the way to go.

Fastboot ROM vs Recovery ROM

Fastboot ROM

Fastboot ROMs can only be flashed by connecting to the computer via USB with ROM flashing tools, through Fastboot we can flash(issue updates) to various partitions of the device like recovery, system, vendor, etc. We need an unlocked bootloader to flash ROMs through Fastboot

Recovery ROMs

Recovery ROMs are the regular ROMs we used to flash system partitions or to update system partitions, the updates we usually get in our phones are recovery ROMs.

Recovery is the mode used by devices to install updates to Android ROM partition. It is also used while factory resetting the phone. The recovery that comes by default usually has fewer options and that is why custom recovery modules are available.


  • You need a Xiaomi(Mi, Redmi, POCO) device with an unlocked bootloader
  • You need a Windows PC with ADB drivers installed
  • Download Latest MiFlash Tool( Offical | Unofficial)
    (I recommend an older version 2017.4.25.0 over others, I have found it works well compared to the newer versions, but it may lack drivers for new phones. In the latest MiFlash Tool 2020.3.14.0 after flashing every ROM, they show an error called error: Not catch checkpoint. But don’t worry, it will boot without any problem, I haven’t seen any problem due to this error in day to day usage)
  • To avoid any unforeseen shutdown during the process, charge the battery above 70% before starting the process.
  • You need the specific(Global or China) Fastboot ROMS for your device to flash the ROM. Download it from the following link
  • Warning: Do not lock the bootloader of a global device with Chinese official ROMs( it will brick your device) and vice versa.


1. Read the above prerequisites and warning carefully and follow all the mentioned steps in it.

2. We need to install Xiaomi USB Drivers properly before flashing the ROM, For this open Extracted Mi Flash Tool Package – open the XiaoMiFlash application file – click on the driver – then click on install. Wait some time until a popup with a Chinese word and ok to click.

How to flash official Fastboot ROM on Xiaomi device
MiFlash Tool
How to flash official Fastboot ROM on Xiaomi device
xiaomi fastboot drivers

3. Now extract the downloaded Fastboot ROM(.tgz) file and select the extracted file in the mi flash tool by clicking select (select the extracted folder and not the images folder inside it).

Xiaomi Fastboot ROM
Xiaomi Fastboot ROM
How to flash official Fastboot ROM on Xiaomi device
MiFlash Tool

4. Now boot your phone into Fastboot mode(turn off your device, then press volume down and power button simultaneously to enter Fastboot mode)

How to open Fastboot Mode in Xiaomi

5. Once you have entered in Fastboot mode, you can see the Mi bunny logo with Fastboot tag. see the picture below

6. Now connect your phone to PC via a USB cable

7. Click refresh on the mi flash tool and it will list the device with Fastboot ID

MiFlash Tool
How to flash official Fastboot ROM on Xiaomi device

8. Now select the any of the method below

MiFlash Tool

I recommend to use clean all, it will boot faster than save user data option. Also, in case of solving bootloop, it will be a better option to go for.

  • Clean all – will wipe everything(including internal storage)
  • Save user data – will not wipe internal storage
  • Clean all and lock – wipe everything and relock your bootloader ( do not select this option when you flash Chinese ROMs on a global device or vice versa..will brick your device)

9. Now click the Flash button and wait for the process to complete. Check progress bar inside MiFlash Tool to turn fully green(success). Then your device will automatically boot into new firmware within(3-10 minutes)

How to flash official Fastboot ROM on Xiaomi device

So we have a given a detailed guide to flash official Fastboot ROMs, now you can play with custom recoveries to flash custom ROMs and other modifications.

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