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How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi Smartphones



How to unlock bootloader of Xiaomi device

Nowadays every android smartphone comes with a locked bootloader for the safety purpose. Xiaomi is not an exception. All of the Xiaomi branded smartphones( Redmi, Mi, POCO and BlackShark) have the same procedure for unlocking the bootloader. Here we are giving a detailed guide to unlock the bootloader by the official method.

Before starting to give detailed steps, I will try to give a clear idea about bootloader unlocking. I hope after reading this thread you guys will have a clear idea and can unlock the bootloader without any problem. So without wasting more time, let’s get started.

What is Bootloader?

A bootloader is a code executed before any operating system starts to run. The concept of the bootloader is universal to virtually all operating systems, including your PC, Laptop, Smartphones, other such devices. When it comes to Android, every phone has a bootloader that instructs the operating system kernel to boot normally. Even though Android OS is open source and is available on different hardware from different manufactures, all of them have their specific bootloader.

Why do devices comes with locked Bootloaders?

All devices come with a locked bootloader duo to security reasons. Manufacturers want to ensure the safety of the device if someone steals it. With a locked bootloader no one can flash custom Rom to use your device or force attempts to void warranty or end in bricks. Also, cannot wipe data( factory reset) of your device by using official stock recovery.

Risks of Unlocking Bootloader?

  • After getting unlocked, the device becomes less secure and more vulnerable to malware attacks, which may lead to disclosure and loss of your private data.
  • Anyone can flash your device with Custom ROM and change IMEI number easily
  • As for Xiaomi devices, unlocking the bootloader and using official ROMs do not void your warranty, but you may lose the warranty for using custom ROMs or custom kernels.
  • you will lose Widevine L1 DRM, will be limited to SD(maximum 540P) in streaming Apps.

Benefits of unlocking Bootloader?

By unlocking the bootloader you can do plenty of things with your device. Like you can flash custom ROMs, edit BuildProp, install a custom recovery, root the device, flash official ROMs through Fastboot.

Can I Re-Lock Bootloader?

Yes, you can. In Xiaomi devices, you can relock the bootloader when flashing official Fastboot ROMs through mi flash tool. For more info, check out our post about flashing official Fastboot ROM in Xiaomi devices.

Important Notes

  • We will not be responsible for any damage 
  • This method is for Xiaomi devices
  • Back up all your data before unlocking the bootloader. Unlocking the bootloader automatically factory reset your device
  • This tutorial is for Windows computers

Unlocking Tutorial

1. Go to Settings-About Phone – Tap Multiple times on “MIUI version” to get the developer option to turn ON.

How to turn on Developer option in Xiaomi/Redmi device.

2. Go to Settings – Additional Settings – Developer Settings – then enable “OEM Unlocking” and “USB Debugging”. In my experience, both aren’t necessary, so you can skip these steps. It is good to do it because sometimes the pointer can’t enable the option properly.

How to unlock bootloader of xiaomi device
How to turn ON USB debugging on Xiaomi device

3. You must remember your mi account password for further steps. So if you didn’t remember it, please use “forget your password” to reset the password in the Mi account section.

4. Now go to settings – Additional Settings – Developer Options – Mi Unlock Status. You need to be in mobile data. You couldn’t apply for this through the Wi-Fi connection. So please switch the network to mobile data. Then click on the “Add account and device”. They will ask for permission and agree to it.  If everything goes well they will show the following message.

How to unlock bootloader of xiaomi device

If you sign out of your Mi Account, perform a factory reset, or erase system data, then you have to add the same Mi account again, otherwise, you couldn’t unlock your device.

5. If it shows other messages like errors or failures, then log-out from your Mi account from ( use “keep data” when you sign-out from Mi account). After getting signed out, sign in again and do the 4-th step again. Then it probably will be successful.

6. So the next step onwards is done through your Windows laptop or PC. First, you have to download the “Mi Unlock” tool from Xiaomi. use this link to download it

7. After extracting the download zip, open the application file “miflash_unlock”.

MI unlock Tool

8. After opening, a popup will appear asking to accept Disclaimer, clicking on the agree button.

MI unlock Tool

9. Now you have to sign in your mi account. Use the same mi account you have used to apply for step 4.

Mi account sign-in

10. After successfully logging in, they ask to connect the phone in Fastboot mode. For that shut down your phone first, then hold the volume down key and power button to enter Fastboot mode. Then connect your phone to PC with a USB cable.

MI unlock Tool
xiaomi fastboot

11. After showing “Phone Connected”. Click on the “Unlock” button.

How to unlock bootloader of xiaomi device
MI unlock Tool
How to unlock bootloader of xiaomi device

12. It will take some time and will be unlocked successfully, but in case they have stopped at 99% and shown an error like “you have to wait some hours” say 24 hours, 72 hours, 360 hours do the same process( from 8-th step onward) after reaching the time limit.

MI unlock Tool
How to unlock bootloader of xiaomi device

After getting successfully unlocked, your device will automatically reboot and factory reset your device. So please back up the phone before doing anything as we said earlier. As your bootloader is unlocked now you can root your device, flash custom ROMs, edit BuildProp, change kernels, etc.

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