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Qualcomm Announced Quick Charge 5: 0-50 Percent in just 5 minutes

100W+ Charging Solution for Everyone



Qualcomm Announces their new generation Quick Charging solution, Quick Charge 5, the world’s first commercial 100W+ charging platform that can charge 0-50% in a 4500mAh battery in just 5 minutes and fully charge the device within 15 minutes. Quick Charge 5 is four times faster than the previous generation, QC4.0+.

Qualcomm Announced Quick Charge 5

That is a giant leap considering the QC4.0+ has been far behind other proprietary charging solutions from Chinese OEM manufacturers like OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi and Huawei. The new QC 5 is 70 percent more efficient than its predecessor, and it is even faster than any proprietary charging solution announced by Chinese manufactures. VIVO 120W charging solution claimed to full charge 4000mAh battery in 15 minutes, and OPPO’s 125W charging solutions claimed to full charge 4000mAh within 20 minutes. Here QC 5 is capable to charge 4500mAh battery in just 15 minutes fully, that is insane

Qualcomm Announced Quick Charge 5: 0-50 Percent in just 5 minutes

Quick Charge™ 5 delivers unprecedented mobile phone charging speed and efficiency improvements compared to previous versions while enabling new battery technology, accessories, and safety features. Quick Charge 5 also uses Qualcomm® Battery Saver feature and the latest Qualcomm® Smart Identification of Adapter Capabilities technology to support unparalleled efficiency and help extend the battery life cycle on the smartphones.

Quick Charge 5

Performance and Efficiency

Quick Charge 5  has exponential improvements from its predecessors, Quick Charge 5 is 70 percent more efficient than Quick Charge 4 and offers ten times more efficient compared to the power delivery of Quick Charge. This solution supports 2S batteries and 20 Volts of power delivery.

Quick Charge 5

While Quick Charge 5 can charge out devices at blazing fast speeds, it also supports extreme safety measures. Quick Charge 5 incorporates 12 different voltage, current, and temperature protections, including USB-input overvoltage protection at 25V and external power controls beyond 30V. Quick Charge 5 runs 10 degrees Celsius cooler than Quick Charge 4

Qualcomm Announced Quick Charge 5: 0-50 Percent in just 5 minutes

For optimal Quick Charge 5 performance, Qualcomm is using the newest power management ICs, Qualcomm® SMB1396, and Qualcomm® SMB1398. Supporting 1SnP and 2SnP batteries, wired and wireless input paths, an adaptive operation based on the power source (3 level buck and DIV/2), and scalability (primary and secondary to provide higher power), Qualcomm SMB1396 and Qualcomm SMB1398 are engineered to provide maximum efficiency above 98 percent. Finally, they can support higher than 20V input voltage operation to accommodate the highest power levels from both wireless and wired power sources.

Quick Charge 5
Quick Charge 5

Xiaomi flagship will be the first device to feature QC 5

Also, we can Xiaomi’s Mi series vice president and hardware R&D general manager, Zhang Lei’s statement in Qualcomm press release suggest the rumored Xioami’s flagship will be the first android smartphone to come with new Quick Charge 5. According to rumors, the new flagship from Xiaomi be called Xiaomi Mi10 Ultra will come with 100W charging support(120W charger supplied in the box).

Xiaomi's flagship with Quick Charge 5
Screenshot credit : Qualcomm

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Source: Qualcomm

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