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Issues with Samsung Flagships-Exynos Models

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Problems with Samsung S20 Series-Exynos Models
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When comes to android flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S series will be the first one that comes to our mind. As like every year, Samsung releases their flagship series with 2 different SoCs based on different regions. Samsung S20 series got excellent reviews from top tech YouTubers, journalists, websites. But most of them are reviewing the Snapdragon version of the phone. Usually, both Exynos and Snapdragon variants perform similarly. But this year people are discovering significant differences between Exynos and Snapdragon variants. In this post, I am going to discuss the differences and is it the right choice to buy Samsung flagships with Exynos SoCs?

I don’t use any S20 series device personally, this content is based upon the reviews, opinions, journals from the trustworthy tech YouTubers/content creators/journalist, etc. I couldn’t provide links to every source duo to a large number of them. But I will provide links to one or two major sources at the end of this post

Samsung’s flagships are usually known for its well-rounded package among other android flagships. It usually doesn’t have any major drawbacks. S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra are no exception to it(Snapdragon variants). Due to the huge number of devices, they have to make in the short time frame they relay on Two different SoCs in their flagships. They opt Snapdragon SoCs to markets like the US, China and South Korea and the rest of the world usually get in-house Exynos variants. And they usually have similar performance capabilities.

But this year the situation was a little different. People have been noticing inferior gaming performance, battery life and inferior camera performance in Exynos variants. Snapdragon variants score around 10% more in synthetic benchmarks like Antutu. But when we do heavy tasks like gaming, the chipset heats significantly and causing thermal throttling and the Antutu Score difference becomes 20%. In that case, we can say Snapdragon variants are like 2 generations ahead.

Benchmark usually push the SoCs in their maximum capabilities. But the real-life situation will be different due to mostly minor tasks. In real-life, the inferiority is noticeable in 3 areas.

  1. Gaming performance
  2. Battery Life
  3. Camera performance

1. Gaming

When we play smaller title games, it will only be noticeable after prolonged sections. But in heavy titles like PUBG at smooth+extreme settings, The FPS always stay below 50 FPS (40-45 FPS on average) compared to 55 FPS or above in Snapdragon variants. It sometimes reaches below 40 FPS too(37-38 FPS). Even the midrange POCO X2, Realme 6 Pro will perform better in PUBG. So if you are a gamer, it will be better to stay away from it. Even the Samsungs own offering S10 lite with SD855 perform much better in PUBG.

Most of the game developers optimise their games for the Arduino GPU present in the snapdragon SoCs, this may be a reason behind this low FPS.

2. Battery Life

According to reviewers, there is a huge difference in terms of battery life too. According to Tech Youtuber Arun Maini(aka Mrwhosetheboss) reported a 40% drop compared to a 20% drop in battery percentage for exactly similar tasks.

3. Camera Performance.

Even though both Snapdragon and Exynos variants come with the same camera hardware and software, the ISP(image signal processor) in Exynos processor is inferior to one present in the SD865, Switching between lenses in camera app feels much smoother in Snapdragon variants. The pictures coming out of Snapdragon variant have more detail, texture and sharpness too.


It has been very easy to recommend Samsung flagships to anyone who is looking for ultimate android flagships in earlier years. But this year people from countries with Exynos variants are getting much inferior performance from a phone priced more than $1000. The gaming experience from these devices couldn’t match $250 smartphones and the battery life is significantly lower too.

OneUI improved a lot in recent times, but Samsung is pushing ads and a lot of bloats in their $1000 phone in India is not an acceptable thing. So in our honest opinion going with Oneplus 8 Pro or OPPO Find X2 series will be a better choice than Samsung S20 even though they have slightly inferior camera performance. But you can save a lot of money too with them.

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